It’s nearly that time of year again! – time to say “Thank You”.

With Christmas coming up fast, that familiar pressure starts to mount. But how do you say thank you to your most valued employees, clients and suppliers without spending a fortune?

There is a return on your gift giving investment!

With economic tough times, businesses are looking for ways to save money. But skimping on acknowledgement gifts at this time of year could actually harm your business in the long run.

It’s not about a ‘reward’ or the dollar value of the gift, but the fact that you took the time out to acknowledge that your customers contribute to the success of your business.

Here’s what one of our customers said:

Our clients loved the picnic rug we gave them last year – they really appreciated the effort we made to thank them for their business. We even heard in some cases there was a bit of a scrap about who would get to use it over the summer!

Tips for annual ‘thank you’ gifts they’ll remember:

Create tiers depending on how much someone contributes to the overall success of your business. You don’t need to give a $50,000 per annum client the same $10 gift that you give to your $5000 a year client.

It’s all about showing your customers you care so they keep you top of mind when they need the services or products you offer.

When choosing your annual thank you gift:

1. Make it seasonal and fun

Christmas in New Zealand is all about summertime and having a break – spending time with the family and friends outdoors.

Beach bags are popular and at less than $10 a piece are a cost effective option.

Towels, caps and other beach accessories are also popular.

2. Go one step beyond food or alcohol

You don’t want your gift to get lost in the noise of Christmas parties and lunches.

And once the wine or chocolate has been consumed, it’s gone (and forgotten). Put the wine in a fun and reusable wine cooler bag. And many people don’t drink alcohol so it’s a not a very valuable gift for them!

Don’t want to give alcohol? How about a bag of freshly ground coffee with a Thermos flask or coffee mug.

Glasses are cost effective and more fun if packed with jelly beans or other sweet treats!

3. Make it relevant and personal

If you know your clients well you can give them something that is meaningful to their interests.

Or, make it relevant to the services or products you offer. If you are a technology company, send flash drives, mouse pads or digital picture frames.

Health industries can give pedometers, drink bottles or sports bags.

4. Don’t forget to brand it!

If people love the gift, they’ll probably remember who gave it to them – but just to make sure, put your logo on it. Other people will see it and this way the gift can pay for itself by promoting your brand.

5. Don’t leave it too late!

Stocks run out – especially the more popular items. Get in early to avoid limiting your options.

And if you don’t know where to start, just get in touch – we can help you plan the best Xmas gifts ever this year!